Mahestan Towers
Implementation of green space insulation of roofs and drinking water tanks
second zone of Persian Gulf coastal village towers
Application of anti-corrosion material on the steel structure of all towers
Kish Dream Project Life
Sale of anti-corros

Company goals

With regard to the founder’s perspective, Notrika Abnieh kish company mainly aims to satisfy all the employers and business parties as being elected by them to represent varying engineering services.

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why us ?

The need for proper application of all types of acoustic ، thermal and moistude-based insulations in the whole surfaces due to more structural durability,raising safety of the residents ، energy saving With regard to the breakthrough of Technology in construction industry and the gradually increasing development of building materials، justifies the special activities in this field. having the years of experience about insulations structure ، their environment consistency and covered by surfaces,this company does it’s  best to satisfy all employers with representing the most standard insulations matching with modern technology.

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