WP primer is belonged to the co-polymer of styrene, being modified from MMA, and butadiene. When added into cement and mortar, it will permeate into the gap between cement and aggregate to fulfill its function of filing pore space, that will create finer texture in cement and mortar and further enhance waterproofing and durability for cement and mortar. Plastering on the surface of engineering cement, it not only adhere firmly whit concrete, but also can protect concrete. Application on the joint between new and old cement can cure the light powder dust on the construction surface and further enable the film adhesion between the waterproof layer and construction surface so as to enhance the adhesive strength for the waterproof material.

Areas of application include :

♦ waterproofing primer


♦ bonding agent


♦ manhole liners


♦ Repair mortar


♦ Angel fillets


♦ New and old concrete bonding agent


♦ Multi-purpose adhesive



♦ Good mechanical and chemical properties


♦ Strengthen the water resistance and anti-impact


♦ Enable the filling element with good compatibility and dispersibility


♦ Low bubbling


♦ Anti-freezing


♦ less dusting


♦ superb adhesive strength


♦ can be apply directly on damp or wet surface


♦ flexural strength


♦ Non-corrosive


♦ Non-flammable


♦ Non-toxic

Method of statement :


1: Add 1 litre of N-007 & 3 litres water to mix container


2: Apply N-007 as a primer layer


3: suitable for swimming pool


4: suitable for bathroom


5: suitable for green roof


6: suitable for basement area