is a specially produced PU bituminous waterproofing compound for use on both internal and external surfaces.it will bond perfectly to almost any surface such as concrete, masonry, metal and timber.it may be applied to new or existing structures, and will bond to a damp surface.it can also be mixed with sand, to form a mortar of any desired consistency.

Areas of application include :

♦ basement


♦ RC flat roof     


♦ Patios     


♦ Terraces     


♦ Balconies       


♦ internal wet area  


♦ RC guterr 


♦ RC planter box     


♦ Lift pit   


♦ Retaining walls


♦ Swimming pool


♦ Fountain


♦ Low VOC & Non-formaldehyde


♦ Environmentally friendly


♦ High elasticity


♦ Will bond to most surface


♦ dose not run or creep under heat


♦ Resists to wide range of acids and alkalis


♦ can be applied directly on damp or wet surface


♦ Odourless and produces on fumes


♦ Non-toxic

Method of statement :


1: Apply N-100 as a primer layer


2: Open the cover of N-100


3: Mix thoroughly


4: Apply directly to construction surface by using brush, roller or spray method


5: Finish with cement screed or tile


6: N-100 Excellent Elongation (1128.60% Sirim test)